mapQWIK NA - North America Zoomable Atlas Отзывы пользователей

Not good

It is a map. You could just download something free or use google maps

app very good

this app useful for navigaion. thank you so much.

Just Cool!

very fun and cool to use!

Enough location

The developer should add different features than Google maps functions.


I don't see anything that I wasn't already getting from Google. I have looked all over the state I live and have not seen any facts.

Map app

Wow this app is really good it's one of the best map apps I've seen it uses google so that makes it better you can zoom in and out plus it's easy to use😁

Can be improved.

This app has an easy interface. The chart of the country is nice. But when you look at facts you need to be online... If that can be offline than it should be alot better. And the app is easy to use.

Not that impressive

Could be better. All the information is available online. The key to such apps is usability which needs to be improved.

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